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Electronic Cigarettes and eSmoker

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Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, were developed to provide smokers with yet another tool to empower them to break away from smoking cigarettes. Since Nicotine is the stimulant sought after by smokers, some clever scientists realized that nicotine could be suspended in a liquid propellant that is FDA approved like Propylene Glycol (PG) and vaporized like in an asthma nebulizer or a medical marijuana user’s volcano. This vapor contains none of the burning plant matter, but simply water vapor, the approved propellant, and pure lab-grade nicotine. Nicotine alone does not cause cancer. So the theory as it stands is that this high efficiency delivery method of nicotine, like the Nicotine Patch, Nicotine Gum, and Nicotine Lozenges, will help a smoker to ease the cravings associated with smoking tobacco products.

Different Kinds of Smokers

High Caliber e liquidSome people smoke a pack of cigarettes or two a day just to relax. Some visit hookah lounges as a social structure, or cigar and pipe bars, where they form interpersonal relationships with people who smoke the same way they do, and for the same reasons. This reinforces their behavior to consume these tobacco products, which release harmful carcinogenic and toxic chemicals other than just nicotine. Nicotine itself in moderation is relatively safe to use. So there is now no reason for someone to voluntarily submit themselves to 20-40 cigarettes a day when there are safer alternatives available!

As Nicotine Replacement Therapy

signature 03Theoretically, since Electronic Cigarettes are able to reproduce the experience of smoking along with the feeling of nicotine so accurately, they may prove to be a more effective means of Nicotine Replacement Therapy than Nicotine Patches, Gum, or Lozenges. Because a smoker is used to certain physical sensations, such as breathing in something with flavor that is denser than air, or puffing away on a cigarette until it goes out, the variety offered by Electronic Cigarette devices offers a unique method of quitting harmful tobacco products. Many smokers have heard of the ‘oral fixation’ with cigarettes, and some have found success with methods such as flavored toothpicks or innokin-logochewing on the end of their pens, but because these methods combine the physical act with the actual reception of nicotine, there is a higher chance of successfully quitting tobacco.  However, although research has shown that electronic cigarettes can help people stop smoking, there haven’t been any head-to-head comparisons with other forms of nicotine replacement in large populations. Everyone is different, and has different needs, and that is where the variety of products offered by companies that provide Electronic Cigarette devices, such as www.esmokeronline.com , offer such a wide variety of products so that you can find the one that works the best for you!